My Top 3 Priorities

  1. To me, the most important priority of any MSYP candidate should be to represent the views of their organisation. That is why, if elected as your MSYP, I hope to set up or attend as many Youth Forums and Young Advisory Groups as possible. This would give me a fantastic opportunity to discuss issues and gather opinions of our members in order for me to bring issues to parliament with the backing of our membership. Social media will play a big part in how I consult and keep you up to date with goings on on a day to day basis. If elected, I will set up dedicated social media channels to communicate with you and hope to think up some innovative ways to engage our 14-25 membership online.hands up sized.png
  2. Everyone in Scouting deserves to be recognised for their achievement both in Scouts and wider afield. Our last MSYPs put fantastic work towards getting universities to formally recognise Scouting achievements. I hope to add momentum to this initiative by emphasising the huge importance of Scouting skills gained such as resilience, open-mindedness and dedication when achieving badges, taking part in an expedition or camping in the field of dreams. I hope to gain your backing that in order to prove that these skills are valued, these achievements must be given suitable formal accreditation. The same way as exam results are. Just as the A on your SQA certificate indicates hard work and academic ability, a badge on your uniform represents skill, determination and commitment. We must start to prove to our young people that skills learned and experiences outside school are valued on the same level as exam results achieved in school. For me, the badge trumps the A grade any day.badges sized.png
  3. My experiences of Scouting will stay with me forever. From camping in thunderstorms or under a clear starry sky to sitting around the campfire belting out songs with mates. From linking buckets with the army of Scouts who spectacularly saved the 2016 Blair Atholl food stocks from flooding to travelling the world, immersing myself in different cultures and meeting the most amazing, inspiring people. All of these experiences will prove key to conveying a positive message about Scouting in Scotland to influential figures in Scottish society. By raising our profile, we can make Scouting a more inclusive and attractive organisation, celebrating our diversity and championing our sense of adventure.Untitled design sized.png

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